Composition of IQAC

Sr. No. Name of the Members Nomenclature
1 Dr. Kalmase V. M Chairman
2 Shri Laxmiraman Lahoti Member from Management
3 Shri Arvindbhau Sonvane Employer
4 Shri Ramesh Biyani Industrialist
5 Shri Suresh Jain Stake Holder
6 Dr. Bumrela S. B. Advisor
7 Ms. Satpute K. L. Member from the Teachers
8 Dr. Deshpande A.N. Member from the Teachers
9 Dr. Chaus W. N. Member from the Teachers
10 Mr. Sonvane S. M. Member from the Teachers
11 Mr. Pathan F. N. Administrative Officer
12 Mr. Somani R. M. Nominee from Alumni
13 Dr. Shelganwar A.N. Nominee from local society
14 Mr. Bahir S. V. Student Nominee (Student Council)

Sister Institutes

Dayanand Science College
Dayanand College of Commerce
Dayanand College of Art's
Dayanand College of Architecture
Dayanand College of Law
Dayanand Institute of Pharmacy
Dayanand college of Interior Designing

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Dayanand College of Pharmacy, Latur,
Barshi road Latur
Phone: 02382-223199,223299